Executive Officers

Since 1968 The Filby Association has always had a President. These were our Founder Members: Ellsworth L Filby, Marion Filby, Percy W Filby, Leonard Filby and Mary Filby. Following the death of Mary Filby in 2013 the Executive Officers decided that it would not be appropriate to appoint anyone as President that had not been a Founder Member. In future years the Association would only be managed by the Executive Officers. Currently all our volunteers have been members of the Association for many years and eventually younger members will take over.

We have several Officers of the Association who busy them selves with research and the organisation of events. These are Sue Reynolds and Alan Dinsdale (UK), Jean-Jacques Filby (Europe) and William Gould (South Africa). In the USA we have Jessica Filbey who manages our facebook page and her cousin Kirk Filbey who is USA Correspondent.

In Australia Helen Filby is Correspondent and Reunions are organised by Glennis Philbey, Marilyn Philbey and Garth Hunt to name but a few.

We are always looking for more volunteers.

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